Request for NVC Student Activity Fee Funding

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Dear NVC Faculty/Staff,

The following form is to be used for funding requests for:

  • Extracurricular Student Activity Fee funding (not tied to an academic program of study)
  • Requests may be made for up to $300 per requestor/department 

The NVC SAF committee may require additional actions to be taken for approval of funding to be given in part or full.

If approved, the Office of Student Life will be required to make all purchases.

Please ensure that before filling out this request you have read the Student Activity Fee Process and Guidelines. 

Please note that a request must be made by an NVC employee.

Submission of funding request does not constitute approval. All approvals are tentative and funds will not be made available until all proper documentation (i.e. contracts, receipts, purchase orders, etc..) is received and deadlines are met. Approval may be provided in partial or full. 

Each fiscal year, the NVC Student Activity Fee committee has allocated funds for a variety of extracurricular programs and have also reserved funds for non-allocated requests. This request form is for Non Allocated SAF Funds.

Non Allocated SAF funds:The following are the guidelines created and voted on by the SAF committee

-Funds are to be only for extracurricular activities and exclude academic requests (these requests must go through the NVC Academic funding  allocation request process.  Please contact your Academic Chair for more information)
- All funded activities/events must be approved by the college and  entered into AlamoEXPERIENCE at least 1 month prior to the event date to secure funding. 
-The event must be open to ALL NVC students and the requestor is responsible for taking attending and emailing either a WORD document or an EXCEL Speadsheet with all attendees names, banner IDS, and ACES email addresses.  
-Any non academic department/program receiving funds cannot access the non-allocated funds until their allocations have been spent
-Request for funds cannot be tied to a class assignment
-Funds cannot be used for food or beverages
-Funds cannot be used for giveaways or PR materials
-Clubs and organizations are not eligible for non-allocated funds (Please go through the NVC Student Life RSO request for funding process)

*The SAF committee is open to review specific cases and must vote

Requests for funding must be made at least 2 months in advance due to the need for committee approval and any processing steps that District and/or the college may require. June 1st is the final deadline for request for current fiscal year.

Please ensure that before filling out this request you have read the Student Activity Fee Process and Guidelines. 

Will this activity/event/opportunity be available for all NVC students to participate and/or apply if they meet the requirements to participate?(Cannot be limited to only certain class/es):
9. Will NVC students be charged resulting in profits going to a department/program and/or the college?